• „Stiftung Warentest“ – Very good!


    "Stiftung Warentest" is the most recognized independent German consumer magazine. The research is published in the magazine throughout Germany and other countries in the media. The results have an impact on both the end-customer and retailer purchasing who decide main supply contracts and choose the producers.

    The magazine researchers on their own initiative in 2014 July / August bought and tested 20 different smoked salmon products from various German retailers. Comprehensive tests were conducted according to the following criteria:
       • Sensory evaluation, 45% - experts on product appearance, taste and consistence.
       • Hazardous Materials, 15% - were analyzed pesticides, biogenic amines, mercury, lead and other substances.
       • Microbiological quality, 15% - the products analyzed at purchase time and the expiration date; it has been investigated total number of bacteria, listeria, enterobacteria, pseudonomos, lactic acid and other bacteria.
       • Nematodes, 5% - the checked for nematodes;
       • Packaging, 5% - checked the packaging material, suitability, net weight;
       • Declaration, 15% - checked whether the declaration conforms requirements of food law.

    NORVELITA LIDL / ODIN product recognized as the best among all other German products.