• Laboratory

    Laboratory of UAB Norvelita (Ltd.)

    In 2005, in the Company, a physical and chemical testing laboratory, and in 2006 - a microbiological testing laboratory were established. Its work is monitored with the help of a quality system. The Company's laboratory has been attested in accordance with the regulations of regional state food and veterinary services and the attestation of laboratories of food processing enterprises. 

    Goals of UAB Norvelita (Ltd.) laboratory:

    • To develop the management system and improve efficiency constantly;
    • During every test, while controlling the equipment, to ensure the right precision;
    • To participate in the quality control evaluation programs of ring tests;
    • To guarantee the quality of the services provided.

    UAB Norvelita (Ltd.) laboratory has:
    • modern equipment installed;
    • information technologies implemented;
    • comfortable working environment, which complies with corresponding requirements.

    Everyday, in UAB Norvelita (Ltd.) laboratory, microbiological, physical - chemical and PGR tests with BAX system are performed on manufacturing processes, final products, and sanitary and hygienic condition.The periodical control of microbiological and chemical indicators is performed by the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute.  


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