• About us

    Lithuanian and Norwegian company Norvelita is one of the biggest and best-known Lithuanian processing companies that produce a wide variety of products for the domestic and especially for the foreign market. Norvelita started out trading frozen fish when it was founded in 1995 by a group of Lithuanian and Norwegian investors. Company is located in the middle of Lithuania in the rural area close to the small town Raseiniai and main highway A1.

    Since the beginning managed by Jordanas Kenstavičius, Lithuanian shareholder and Managing Director the company has expanded dramatically into the processing business and today is one of the biggest seafood processors in Lithuania among the leading salmon processing companies in Europe. Currently managing director Mr. Vidmantas Globis heads the company. Today Norvelita process three product categories: smoked or marinated salmon, salted or marinated herring products, and hot smoked fish products.

    Annual volume amounts up to 14,000 tons of salmon, and 4 000 tons of pelagic and white fish in 2011. Salmon is the most important product in terms of volume accounting for 70% of the production, while products based on herring, mackerel and other species make up the balance. Salmon export makes 95% out of total volume of processed salmon products. It is exported to different countries and sold under the Private labels to the retailers in all over the Europe and has leading positions between the other producers in such countries - Germany, Belgium, Italy, Baltic states and other countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Greece, UK,  USA,  etc.

    Lithuanian and Norwegian company Norvelita is very dynamic, successfully facing challenges and booming fish processing company, specializing in salmon smoking, slicing and packing it's product under the private label and selling it in Europe. Norvelita continuously invests  building new facilities, equipping it with innovative and efficient machinery which helps to produce big volumes of high quality fish products.

    Production is audited by IFS, BRC, MSC, and private Audits IBEN and RIMI. Products have achieved high evaluation and recognition by international consumers